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Portable Breakout System - 15 kNm (1)
Portable Breakout System - 15 kNm (1)

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Portable Breakout System - 15 kNm

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    The Vermeer Portable Breakout System should be something to carry with you every day to handle torqued direct connections — from making-up or breaking-out exit pit side tooling, this product is an essential you don’t want to leave behind.:


  • ✔ One-bolt tightening offers one-person operation with easier positioning and ratcheting for re-bite
  • ✔ Tighten with standard crescent, pipe or socket wrench
  • ✔ Narrow profile for ease of operating in small spaces
  • ✔ Standard heavy-duty plastic storage case with individual slots for components Includes laser-cut wrench


  • ✔ Torqing up and breaking out direct-connected horizontal directional drill tooling
  • ✔ Frequently used on the exit side to breakout drill head and connect reamer
  • ✔ Also known as “wrenches” or “tongs”


  • ✔ Grip inserts range from 4.5 cm – 9.5 cm
  • ✔ Designed for use on rigs D40x55 S3 and down
  • ✔ Up to 2.875 API reg tooling

    Vs. Vermeer 7.5k / 10 kNm system

  • ✔Higher torque capacity
  • ✔Wider maximum grip range 9.5 cm vs. 8 cm
  • ✔Reduced amount of threaded adjustment points

    Vs. the competition

  • ✔Higher torque capacity
  • ✔Reduced amount of threaded adjustment points