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VPT 250 SHORT (1)
VPT 250 SHORT (1)

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    65 mm (2.5") Vermeer Piercing Tool, Positive Turn Reverse, Short Body

    • Pneumatic Piercing Tools Vermeer Hole Hammers can handle a full range of trenchless installation projects including gas, cable, electric, water and irrigation systems.

    • ✔ The Hole Hammer provides a compact, fast and economical solution for short to medium length Trenchless installations.
    • ✔ The Moving Head design provides the power to get the job done in the toughest of conditions backed by the industry leading Vermeer Dealer Network.
    • ✔ The spring reset feature on the RT models, resets the head after each strike to ensure the power is delivered to the soil in front of the tool for greater production in tough soils. It also provides smooth and accurate tool starts and less tool swimming.
    • ✔ Replaceable head design is heat-treated alloy to protect the tool body and can be replaced to extend the tool body life cycle.