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Roller Cone Hole Openers

    Vermeer hole openers feature cutters that are new and purpose-built for this application.

    You will not find “split bits” (i.e., surplus or rebuilt cutters harvested from tricone pilot bits) on the Vermeer roller cone hole opener lineup.

      Key Features and Benefits:

      • ✔A special machine-after-weld manufacturing process helps with a proper gauge cut. Mating two machined surfaces (cutter and body) helps with concentricity of the tool, lending to equal loading on the cutters for even wear throughout the tool’s life.

      • ✔Cutters feature metal-faced seals rather than the conventional rubber O-rings. Like those trusted on the lower rollers of dozer track chains, metal-faced seals help maximize wear life in gritty conditions.

      • ✔Vermeer design maximizes cone size, helping increase maximum weight on bit and the rate of penetration for optimum penetration.